French-Speaking Stuff

My shop is currently beyond my reach. Real life interfered, and I’ve been traveling back and forth between Dallas and San Francisco every week, with no time in between to do much besides laundry. (I miss my wife, I miss my dogs, I miss my shop, I miss my car… Woe Is Ross.)

But there are worse places to travel to on the planet than San Francisco… especially when it has incredibly cool places like the Musee Mechanique, on Fisherman’s Wharf. It has an incredible collection of antique arcade machines and games. One caught my eye when I walked in the door, because of its faux pegged through tenons. I’ve seen faux through tenons before, but nothing like these. (Sorry about the fuzzy iPhone photos.)

Meanwhile, my shop work has to be vicarious. There are a lot of terrific woodworking (particularly hand tool woodworking) blogs, and one of the best has to be Kari Hultman’s The Village Carpenter. If you’re not reading it, you should be. When you’re done here, go there.

In fact, she’s forcing me to break a rule… I normally don’t re-blog other people’s posts, but this one is just too incredibly cool to pass up. It’s a french woodworking video from 1912. It’s fascinating, and it shows that the really, really good stuff never changes much.

Pity me while I miss my shop. Wah.

Ross Henton